I used to think I wanted to be a big-time movie director, so I headed off to film school my freshman year of college. It only took me a couple of weeks to realize that being behind a camera, specifically to take photographs, was really more my speed. 

Hey there! I'm Eve.

nice to meet you

I also never turn down dancing and a good time, so whether you’re looking to get the party started or have someone capture memories as you’re making them, I’ve got you.

I adore adventures, sunlight, and being outdoors, so centering my work around weddings just felt natural.

I’d always loved documentaries, getting to know real people and their stories, and capturing everyday life as it unfolded in the moment.

Get The party started!

It’s as simple as that.  My parents owned their own business when I was a kid, and I got to lick all the stamps and envelopes.

Now I get to call the shots (literally), and I’ve expanded to bigger things than postage.

It’s a total privilege to be able to make people, memories, photography, and basically parties and dancing my life’s work.

It’s literally the best parts of all my passions combined into one amazing job.

I always knew I’d be a business owner one day.